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Shadbase-What is is it?

In case you are looking for something unique in the world of porn, it is high time you checked out what Shadbase has to offer. This site is a bit unique compared to most websites out there. Other similar sites tend to focus mainly on content created by different artists or acted by different stars.

On the other hand, Shadbase is operated by one artist who likes to post most of his artwork on the site. This site is unique and contains some top-quality content that will keep you coming back for more.

In this article, we shall look at this site and some of its pros and cons, which will help you to understand it better once you launch it.

How is the Shadbase Sign-up?

One of the reasons why most people love this site is due to the fact that it does not need users to register on the site to be able to enjoy the content. It also comes with a simple interface that is easier to navigate.

Shadbase is packed with a lot of fetishes to satisfy the wildest fantasies, and it also has a perfect combination of colors that depict simplicity and class at the same time.

Some of the things you should expect to come across on this site include some animated porn films featuring pierced nipples. I immediately fell in love with this site at first glance.

What Are The Main Shadbase Features?

One thing that is easy to notice about this site is its overall design that immediately tells you that it is an artist’s site. The homepage contains various tabs, and each of the tabs contains a unique logo. Navigating through the site’s pages is as easy as it comes.

You will have the option of moving either to the first page, the previous page, next page, check out the latest content among other shortcuts. For some of us who love checking out random stuff, there is a button dedicated to this.

The users like to comment

Besides enjoying the archives on the site, you will also be able to read through the more than 1,700 comments posted by various users.

Nice Artwork

The artwork shared on this site also comes with a nice flow to it. For instance, you will notice that various pieces of art have different versions, which makes it even more exciting.

There are times where you will find a certain sexy character in clothes, and on another version, you might find her naked displaying her juicy pussy that will instantly make you hard. It is evident that the artist loves to experiment with his characters in different sets, something that makes this site special.

Famous cartoon and movie characters

You will also be able to come across some of the most popular characters from famous movies, television shows, and video games that have been used to create crossover popularity in interesting ways.

Sorting by date is a nice feature

Shadbase also contains an archive feature that comes in handy whenever you want to seek out particular kinds of artwork. This page allows you to sort the content by the date the art was posted in order to make it easier to find some of the artist’s latest content.

It is very easy to recognize some of the famous characters just by looking at the thumbnails on this page.

Has Shadbase come in for criticism?

There are some aspects of this website that have caused some controversy among several users. This is because the site also contains some forms of erotic content that are considered taboo among a lot of cultures across the world.

Some of the artwork shared on the site can be a little more graphic, controversial, and on the extreme. Some of the extreme scenes you are likely to come across include cheerleader porn scenes, pregnancy porn pics, as well as themes that will make most viewers uncomfortable.

What Kind of Characters are found on Shadbase?

One thing that you can be assured of about this site is a wide range of characters from various real-life instances.

Most of them are depicted in some of the most compromising situations you have ever imagined.

Besides characters, you will also find different styles of art that are meant to serve everyone’s sexual fantasies To be honest with you, most of the characters on the site include some of the sexiest women I have ever seen.

Whatever your sexual fantasy is, you will always find something dedicated to you on Shadbase.

What Are Some of Shadbase Pros?

Besides the usual erotic content, Shadbase also contains some content presented in text formats. If you are a fan of this type of sexual content, then you will be happy to note that some of it is as humorous as they get, and it is also very entertaining to read.


You only need to try reading some of the comics to realize the level of creativity that has gone into creating it. There are popular fantasy characters that have been depicted in a sexual way including some reptilian characters and some of the most famous superheroes.

Unbelievable talent

Another thing that oozes from this site is talent. If you take a look at some of the characters in the comics, you will be amazed at how one man could come up with such a wide range of characters, and at the same time maintain excellent quality and uniqueness.

Large Reddit subgroup

If you are still doubting this guy’s talent, all you have to do is check out the number of subscribers he has on Reddit. He has more than 50,000 Reddit subscribers, which is an astonishing number of followers, to say the least.

Great community spirit

There is also a great sense of community among the users on this site that makes you feel at home. The comment section contains a lot of comments talking about the content posted on this site, and other comments involve users talking to each other.

Surprisingly, most of the comments seem to praise the hardcore elements posted on Shadbase with a few of them highlighting specific characters in the comics. The sheer number of comments and the passion depicted in the comments will tell you how much the site’s fan base appreciates the artist’s works.

Works great on mobiles

Something else about Shadbase that seems to be hard to overlook is how mobile-friendly the site is. Today, a lot of people prefer visiting their favorite sites using their mobile phones for convenience, and Shadbase ensures that this is made possible.

The mobile version of this site is as smooth as the desktop version, and you can access all the features found on the desktop version of the site. Therefore, if you are always on the move, and you would like to check out some of the latest content on Shadbase, you can rest assured that the mobile version will serve you just right.

Also, unlike most other similar sites out there, Shadbase does not need its users to create accounts to be able to enjoy the content. All you have to do is just launch the website on your favorite browser or device, and you will be good to go.

Shadbase Cons

This site does not have a lot of cons to talk about. One thing that makes a lot of people shy from the site is the controversy that seems to surround some of its characters.

Taboo content

Most of the controversy comes from the wide range of taboo elements that are depicted on the site. However, I find most of Mr. Shadman’s work to be impressive, and I will be following his work keenly.

No SSL encryption

Something else that causes concerns among the site’s users is that the site is not encrypted. As much as this might not affect most of the users, it is an important element that should be noted.

Less content compared to competitors

The amount of content that has been posted on the website seems to be low compared to other similar sites. However, this could be attributed to the fact that the content is created by one individual, which makes it hard to post new content on the site every now and then.

However, where the site lacks in quantity, it makes it up with the quality of content. This is because the quality of some of the comics is up there with some of the best in the industry.

Final Verdict

Even though some people might consider his work controversial, there is no denying that Shadman is one of the few immensely talented individuals when it comes to creating hentai content.

In case you are one of those people who love taboo and controversial porn themes, this is the perfect site for you to check out some of this content.